We provide comprehensive end-to-end IT services that avoid the typical headaches of deploying technology. Our service model eliminates unexpected costs while still affording access to enterprise-level solutions and support. Our predictable monthly fee is a fraction of what you’d typically pay for in-house IT infrastructure, support, and IT consulting.




Our team provides enterprise-level, proactive support for nonprofits of all sizes. We design, build, manage and support infrastructure, networks, systems, and security, freeing your team from worrying about IT and giving them more time to focus on what they do best.


Our goal is to build a holistic non-profit-oriented tech stack that is flexible enough to meet any need yet standardized enough to keep costs reasonable. Our program eliminates unexpected costs and annual software upgrades, creating a predictable budget line.


Integrity is one of our core values, and we live it so well that the vast majority of our clients come through referrals. We understand that the work our clients do quite literally changes the world, and we value the trust they place in use to help implement their vision.

Managed IT Services

Non-profits of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of a strong technology infrastructure and dedicated support staff.

Managed IT Services

Our team invests the necessary time on the front end to understand the strengths and challenges of clients’ existing networks and systems. We then design, build, deliver, and operate IT services for your organization, providing ongoing management and support.

This pays dividends both in long-term manageability and in clients’ experience of improved system performance, reduced downtime, increased security, and more. By building a strong relationship with your team, we will partner with you in determining and enforcing best practices that ultimately help you better fulfil your organization’s mission.

Hosted Microsoft Services

The Microsoft platform allows your team to have access to enterprise-level solutions, while our hosted services allow you to tap their potential without incurring the human and monetary costs of managing it all yourself.

Our team of IT support experts provides a complete solution from installation to ongoing management of the Microsoft platforms, including Windows Enterprise, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. We also offer full-service support, so your team never has to go it alone.

Help Desk

Does your team feel like they are just a literal number to your current IT service provider? If so, it’s time to make the switch. CTD has built our business by asking the question: “How can we help?”

Our friendly and knowledgeable help desk experts are available by phone to give your team the support they need to prevent downtime and manage the frustrating hiccups that inevitably occur, especially when there’s a deadline looming.  

CTO/CIO Consulting

IT consulting is essential to growth in today’s crowded and evolving nonprofit marketplace. How do you streamline operations, give remote staff and volunteers the access they require, promote donor connectivity and maintain cybersecurity in an increasingly challenging malignant world?

Providing strategic planning and consulting services, our team of diverse IT professionals will help your organization grow by assessing your current technology systems and consulting with your CTO and CIO in building operational plans that are customized to your organization’s needs and align with your goals. Don’t have a CTO or CIO? That’s okay, our team is ready to step into that role, so you don’t miss a step.

Data Centers & Back Up

CTD has created a robust technology infrastructure located in twin bi-coastal world-class data centers that employ industry-leading best practices and technologies. By taking advantage of this highly redundant and scalable infrastructure, nonprofits of all sizes can afford their own feature-rich yet user-friendly suite of technology tools.

Protecting your data is essential to your organizational leaders’ peace of mind. CTD’s cloud-based backup solutions are tailored to meet your organization’s needs, offering effective and flexible storage that flexes as you need it.


Protecting your organization’s data and the sensitive information of both clients and donors is a complex process in today’s world of sophisticated cybercrime. Having and maintaining a strong cybersecurity program is imperative in a sector built on trust.

Our expert team will implement enterprise-grade security and encryption and take full advantage of the latest security systems to minimize the risk of – and potential damage caused by – cyberattacks.

Office Network Infrastructure

A cohesive network infrastructure is the technological backbone of your organization. Having interconnectivity between systems allows for smooth operation, but it is not a simple process to pull together in-house.

Taking each component of your systems and understanding how each fits into the bigger picture can be overwhelming, and at best, time consuming. Let our non-profit IT solutions experts create and implement the infrastructure that best suits your needs, saving you time, money and headaches.

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